April 16, 2014

Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand & Water Table Review

Sand and water tables are among the most important fun equipment in day care centers. And why should you not have a sand and water table at home? This toy can provide endless hours of fun and excitement to your kids.

It is important that the toy helps with the development of the children’s skills. This kind of toy promotes children’s motor skills. Kids will love the feel of rough sand in their hands and the splashing of water on their faces. Sand and water toys help develop children’s sensory perceptions and also develop their social skills. Children will get to mingle with the others and they can also work together by building “miniature ocean”, beaches and mini sand castles. Children will also learn the concepts of nature and science playing with this toy.

One popular brand of Sand and Water Play Table is the Step2 Play Up. Here is a short review of this fun toy.

Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand & Water Table

Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand & Water Table

Product Description

The Sand and Water Table from Step2 Play Up is an adjustable, all-in-one toy set that provides lots of fun. This adjustable sand and water table has a unique set of legs that elevate the unit up to 4 inches, allowing more years of fun!

The Sand and Water Table from Step2 Play Up has two sides. One side is for the water and the other is for the sand. It has a sturdy plastic lid that helps prevent sand from getting dirty or contaminated. The table also has molded roadways for extra play surface.

Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand & Water TableProduct Features

  • With 2 Sides – one side for the water and one side for sand
  • Adjustable Legs – The Step2 Play Up has legs that adjust up to 4 inches, for more years of fun
  • Drain Plug – equipped with accessible drain plug for easy one-step draining
  • Molded Roadways – the table has molded-in roadways, which provide wider playing surface
  • Umbrella – the play set comes with a 40 inch umbrella for shaded play area even under the sun

Product Specifications

  • Holds up to 4.5 kg (10 pounds) of sand plus up to 3 gallons of water
  • Umbrella measures 101.6 centimeters
  • Legs raise up to 10.3 centimeters

Looking for a functional toy that can last for years? Then try Step2’s Sand and Water Table Set. This toy is a sturdy plastic table that has 2 sides: one for sand and one for water. It is a perfect toy for toddlers who are just developing motor and sensory perception skills. Playing with sand and water will help stimulate their senses, thus improving their senses over time.

This toy set features a side for sand play. It is like a sandbox…but better. What makes it better is it has a section where you can play water. So, your kids can use it to simulate the beach or ocean, or just simply splash water with their playmates! Your kids will definitely enjoy making lakes, beaches and more out of this toy! This will really develop your kids’ imagination.

The Sand and Water Table from Step2 comes with an umbrella that provides the much needed shade when playing under the harmful rays of sun. The 40 inches umbrella is large enough to provide shade to a couple of kids; so, you don’t have to worry that they’ll have sunburn even if they spend extended hours of fun under the sun.

Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand & Water TableThe table’s legs are adjustable, so your kids can play with them for years. This feature is called “Grow With Me Legs”. The table has molded in roadways that provide additional play space. Around 2-4 kids can play at once on this table, so there’s more interaction; thus, your kids develop their social skills.

In terms of quality, the Step2 play table is made of sturdy plastic material that can withstand extreme weather conditions, even when left outdoors. The fact that it comes with a nice cover is also a plus. The cover keeps the sand clean and safe from pests and animals that may contaminate it. The design is also excellent; the table can hold up to 10 pounds of sand and 3 gallons of water at once.

You don’t have to worry that the table is difficult to clean. It has a drain plug, so you can easily drain the water on it and hose the dirt from the table if it needs cleaning. The drain plug works just like the drain plug on your sink.


All in all, the Sand and Water Table from Step2 is definitely a great addition to your kids’ collection of toys. This will make a nice gift as well. A child that receives it will be very happy.

Buy the Sand and Water Table from Step2 from Amazon.com for only $65.99. It is an inexpensive way to bring a smile to your child’s face and provide years of fun too.

Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand & Water Table

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Step2 New Traditions Table & Chairs Set Review

As your child grows, he will need toys that will help him develop his motor and social skills. It is good for children to allow them to play with other kids. In fact, it is a healthy practice. Kids learn how to control their mental,physical and emotional abilities by interacting with other children.

Step2 New Traditions Table & Chairs Set

Step2 New Traditions Table & Chairs Set

Buying toys that they can share with other kids is a great idea. Why not buy him a set of building blocks or a board game for young children? And a table and chairs set would be nice as well. A table and chairs set will be very useful when playing board games, blocks or pretend plays such as afternoon tea party and more.

In choosing a set of table and chairs for your child, you need to consider some things. First, the furniture must be perfect for their size. Second, it should be sturdy and well-crafted. And third, it must be made of durable but easy to clean material. There are lots of table and chair sets in the market, and one brand that fits the bill is the New Traditions Set by Step2.

Step2 New Traditions Table & Chairs SetProduct Description

The Step2 Table and Chairs come in stylish and fun colors that will mix well with your current décor. Uniquely designed with the ‘X’ base for the legs, the chairs and table ensures superior stability and long-lasting use. They are easy to clean, just wipe off any spillage, crayon marks, etc. and they are as good as new.

This USA-made furniture set includes 1 27.125″ x 27.125″ table and two 11-inches high chairs. The maximum weight capacity of the chairs is 75 lbs. per chair. The set requires minimal assembly.

Product Features

  • Poly Construction. High-quality plastic is used for the furniture set to ensure long-lasting use and stability.
  • X-Base Legs. Table’s and chairs’ legs are engineered using the ‘X’ base technology, making sure that you are delivered with durable set that won’t wobble easily.
  • Perfect Size. The set is perfect for toddlers aged 2 years old and up.
  • Stylish. The Step2 Table and Chairs set comes in different colors, allowing you to mix and match the pieces with your home’s décor.
  • Easy to Clean. Cleaning is easy with the Step2 Table and Chairs Set.
  • Easy to Assemble. The furniture set is very easy to assemble and does not require special assembling tools.


  • easy to clean surface
  • sturdy, unique engineering
  • comes in fun and stylish colors
  • all-purpose, and can be used as a crafts desk, play table and a even snack tableStep2 New Traditions Table & Chairs Set


  • chairs are a bit narrow for large-framed kids

What Customers Say

The Step2 table and chairs set is a nice addition to any playroom. Here are some of the good points about this set:

It is very simple to assemble. All you need is 10-20 minutes tops to put the furniture set together. But, if you still happen to find it difficult to assemble, especially the chair, you just have to make sure that you keep the ‘arrows’ adjacent to one another, they should be pointing at each other. This will ensure alignment and make assembly much easier.

The table and chairs are really sturdy. They are made for small kids but can hold up to 75 pounds each (the chairs), so if you have a bigger kid, you don’t have to worry about them sitting on the chair and breaking it. The furniture can hold a 10-year old kid although that will be very uncomfortable.

The design is great. The set comes in different color schemes. You can choose a color scheme that will match your kid’s playroom or bedroom. The size is perfect for small children. They can eat their morning cereal or do their coloring projects on it. This set will easily become their all-purpose area.

However, there are few things that need improvement:

Although the chairs are of perfect size, large-framed kids will find it difficult to fit into one of those chairs. Maybe a bit of tweaking and adding a few more centimeters will help.

Chairs tend to slide easily. This is somehow scary because you do not want the chairs slipping under your kid. Using the furniture set on a carpeted floor can help, but it is better if the manufacturer attaches anti-slip pads on the chairs’ legs.


Overall, this table and chairs set will be very useful in years to come (especially if you buy it for kids aged 2 or 3). You can even buy extra chairs for siblings and playmates. Your kids will definitely love it.

If you want something that your child can use for virtually anything they do, buy this Step2 table and chairs set. This sturdy, functional set sells for only $59.54 on Amazon.com. Additional chairs and accessories are available as well.

Step2 New Traditions Table & Chairs Set

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