April 18, 2014

Razor A Kick Scooter

Kick scooters have always been popular with kids who want a faster and more exciting way to get from A to B. The Razor A Kick Scooter is one of the most popular options currently available, with a sturdy design that can fold up for transport. Keep reading to find out whether this scooter is worth buying for your child.

Features Of The Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Razor A3 Kick Scooter

  •  Comes in a range of different colors,
  • Made using sturdy aluminum,
  •  Folds up for portability and storage,
  •  Rear brake for stopping,
  • Weighs 6 pounds,
  •  6 month warranty,
  • Maximum rider weight of 143 pounds.

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Is The Razor A Kick Scooter Worth Buying?

The number one thing to look for in any scooter is that it’s safe. While you can’t keep kids in a bubble and prevent any kind of fall, the Razor A Kick Scooter is sturdy and rides in a smooth motion. It’s recommended for kids aged five and above, but make sure that they wear helmets as falls can and do happen.

Scooters should always be ridden under adult supervision, and it’ll take kids a little while to get used to controlling one. The good news, however, is that kick scooters are extremely intuitive, and your child will soon be using the Razor A everywhere they go.

The scooter itself isn’t too big, but it’s big enough to support your kids as they grow (to a maximum of 143 pounds). It’s made using aircraft-grade aluminum, which means you can relax in the knowledge that this is a sturdy product. It’s small enough to stow away somewhere unobtrusive, and you can fold it in half if you need to. The design itself is pretty basic and comes in a few different color options to suit your child’s tastes.

The best thing about any toy like this is that it’s simple but will do a lot to encourage your children to be active. In a world where electronic tablets are popular even for kids, it’s great to keep a balance with toys such as the Razor A Kick Scooter that can help them move around in a fun way!

The Razor A Kick Scooter is an extremely cheap gift, but the best thing is that it doesn’t look cheap! Give this to your child and you’re guaranteed to make them smile.

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