April 18, 2014

Happy Nappers Pillow Toy

Pillow Pets is huge with the children especially the younger  generation .  To make things better this year there’s a new toy in town: the Happy Napper! It’s a new take on an old idea – a cuddly toy that can transform into a comfy pillow whenever your child needs it.

What Are Happy Nappers?

The Happy Nappers are a new kind of stuffed toy for your children. Where Pillow Pets were able to transform from a pillow into an animal, the Happy Nappers transform out of their respective homes. They’re perfect for use as a pillow, or they can be played with in their animal form – whatever your child prefers.

Happy Nappers Dragon

Happy Nappers Dragon

For example, the Dragon Happy Napper lives in a castle. In this form, you’ll be able to ring the doorbell to wake the napper. Pull him out and watch his castle transform into the dragon itself.

Just like the original Pillow Pets, Happy Nappers come in a wide range of different options, including:

  • Penguin,
  • Dragon,
  •  Unicorn,
  •  Dog,
  • Cow,
  •  Bear,
  •  Ladybug.

 Should You Buy Happy Nappers For Your Child?

If you remember Christmas 2010, some of the Pillow Pets were extremely hard to find in stock. You can expect exactly the same from the Happy Nappers this year. If there’s a specific animal your little one really wants, don’t delay in buying it or they could be disappointed. Either that, or you’ll have to pay way over the odds to buy it from a third party seller!

These Happy Nappers seem to be just as popular with the kids too. Many parents have reported happy children who won’t go a night without sleeping with theirs. They’re also useful for travel, keeping your child comfy on long journeys.

Although these toys are affordable, they’re well made and sturdy enough to withstand children sleeping with them every night, and carrying them wherever they go.

Most children will find it easy to convert the Happy Napper from the house into the animal, though some younger ones may need a bit of help from you. The manufacturer recommends this product for ages between 12 months and 11 years.

Whatever you personally think of Happy Nappers, they’re bound to be a hit this Christmas. If your child has a favorite animal, make sure you grab it before it goes out of stock!

Happy Nappers

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