April 17, 2014

Fisher Price Learning Home Review

Have you heard about Fisher Price Learning Home, its one of the hottest toys for this year. It is a great toy to develop the tactile  and sensory senses of your kid.

Learning should always be fun for babies and toddlers, who love exploring new shapes, sounds and activities. The Fisher Price Learning Home has been designed to provide little ones with everything they need for hours of learning fun, including electronic elements, music, activities and more. Many parents are raving about this toy, but will it stand the test of time?

Features Of The Fisher Price Learning Home

Fisher Price Learning Home

Fisher Price Learning Home

* Two-sided playhouse with an “outdoor” side and an “indoor” side,
* Both sides feature a range of activities including sounds, music, switches, dials and more,
* Helps to teach kids counting, colors, shapes, numbers, letters and more,
* Dimensions: 29 x 22 x 32 inches,
* Requires 3 C batteries (not included),
* Recommended for ages 1 – 3.

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Is The Fisher Price Learning Home Worth Buying?

The thing that impresses parents most about the Fisher-Price Learning Home is the fact that it comes with so many different features for your baby to explore, which helps them learn in so many different ways. There are two main learning modes: learning time for learning the alphabet and more, or music mode for singling along with 21 songs.

Some examples of activities include the shape sorter which helps baby to learn about colors and shapes, or the spinning house numbers that teach about numbers and counting. Different children will always take to different activities, so the fact that there are so many new elements to explore in the one toy will help to keep a child’s interest for a lot longer.

The Learning Home is designed to grow with your child, and can be explored by babies until around the age of three (though older kids may still enjoy it). There are always new things for them to learn, and the durable design means that it can take any treatment your child is likely to give it!

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Thanks to the fact that the Learning Home has two sides – indoors and outdoors – it’s also perfect for siblings and friends to play with together without getting in each other’s way. It also helps to boost creativity as kids use the house as a setting for a wide variety of imaginative situations.

As for putting the Learning Home together, the instructions make things very easy. You’ll need to make sure you have 3 C batteries, however, as these aren’t included. Once set up, it’s easy to move from one room to the other if you need it.

The main downside to the Fisher-Price Learning Home is the fact that it does come at a cost. However, a toy like this should really be seen as an investment for your child: it will grow with them and provide them with a huge range of activities to keep them learning and having fun at the same time.Fisher Price Learning Home

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