April 18, 2014

Air Hogs Hyperactives Review

Air Hogs Hyperactives

Air Hogs Hyperactives

Remote control vehicles will never go out of fashion in the world of kids toys. That said, some RC toys are more fashionable than others, and the Air Hogs Hyperactives are about as “hot” as you can get this holiday season!

Air Hogs Hyperactives Features

* Come in a wide range of metallic color options: blue/silver, orange/white, red/gold and blue/yellow,

* Suitable for ages 12 and above,

* For use indoors and outdoors,

* High speeds up to 20 miles per hour,

* Requires 6 AA batteries for the remote,

* Comes with one controller and a charger.

Air Hogs Hyperactives

Are Air Hogs Hyperactives Worth Buying For Your Child?

Air Hogs have been around for a long time, and their remote control helicopters went down especially well last Christmas. Like the helicopters, the Hyperactives have been recognized by toy stores as hot sellers for the holiday season, which means you should try to get your hands on them as early as possible before they sell out in stores and online.

Thankfully, the Hyperactives cars really do live up to what the manufacturer promises: they’re super fast, and are excellent on a wide range of different terrains. They even come with a feature that means they always return to an upright position when you’re using them. This keeps the fun flowing, reducing the need to stop and pick the vehicle up.

Controlling the hyperactives is a breeze thanks to the included remote control, which can be used as far as 100 feet away from the actual car. They’re designed to remain unaffected by interference, meaning that your child can play along with friends or siblings who have their own Hyperactives. Racing the Hyperactives is more fun than with any other RC toys thanks to the fantastic speeds they can reach!

Although the small size of the cars make them nimble and fast to drive around, there’s a potential drawback in that they’re easy to lose. Just get your child to keep an eye on where they’re sending the vehicle so they can always find it if it makes its way under furniture or into the bushes. This is one reason why it it isn’t suitable for very young children: the manufacturer recommends age 12 and above.

The charge on the hyperactives is very fast, taking around half an hour. That said, the battery will only last for around the same amount of play time, which could be a drawback for some children. Given the price of the device, however, and the fast charging time, this is to be expected on this type of RC toy.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the best quality (and fastest) RC cars you can buy on the market. Older children will have hours of fun racing this both indoors and out, on their own or with their friends. All in all, high quality, affordable option for the holiday season!

Air Hogs Hyperactives

Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Aero GX

Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Aero GX

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