April 20, 2014

Qwirkle Board Game

Qwirkle is a new game on the market that promises to provide hours of fun for the whole family. To win, you simply need to match tiles and score the highest points. It may sound simple, but it has won awards for its entertainment value, and thanks to the fact that it helps to encourage critical thinking in all ages. Keep reading to find out whether this sounds like the right kind of game for you.

Features Of The Qwirkle Board GameQwirkle Board Game

* A game for two to four players,

* Encourages critical thinking,
* Includes 108 wooden tiles and storage bag,
* Suitable for adults and children,
* A twist on games like Scrabble.

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How Does Qwirkle Work?

Quirkle is a game designed in the same tradition as Scrabble: players must plan and match pieces to earn points. The 108 wooden blocks feature six different colors and six different shapes, which must be matched into lines. It’s simple enough for kids to play, but it requires enough strategy to keep adults entertained, too.

The rules are easy to learn, despite being more complex than you might originally imagine, and it takes around 45 minutes to complete a game. You’ll simply need a table top for laying out the blocks, and a pencil and paper for keeping track of all the scores.

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Is Qwirkle Worth Buying?

One of the best things about Qwirkle is that it’s fun for all ages. Although it’s recommended for ages 6 and above, it’s fun for the whole family (even if kids don’t come into it!) It can require a lot of planning and critical thinking to come up with the best sequences. The level of thinking involved is comparable to Scrabble so, if you like that, you’ll love Qwirkle.

Because of the time it takes to play, the manufacturer recommends that games involving younger kids use only half the amount of tiles in the beginning. For older kids and adults, however, it’s easy to stay engaged in this game. In fact, many buyers have described it as highly addictive!

Qwirkle comes in at a very affordable price, especially compared to other games on the market. That said, some reviewers have expressed concerns with the way the pieces are made. The blocks aren’t quite uniform in size and feel quite cheap. Not only this, but the red and orange colors are very similar, and difficult to differentiate from each other (especially if you suffer from color blindness.)

In short, don’t dismiss Qwirkle thinking that it’s too simple to be fun. Sometimes the best games are the simplest! This is very affordable and you’ll find yourself getting very competitive as you try to come up with the best sequences.

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