April 21, 2014

Angry Birds – Knock On Wood Game

Angry Birds - Knock On Wood Game

Angry Birds - Knock On Wood Game

Angry Birds – Knock On Wood Game is an extremely popular toy, it features in best toys list for 2011. I would have no hesitation in recommending this is a great Christmas gift.

Angry Birds, the fascinating game app that took smartphone users by storm has now landed as the premiere table-top game of this holiday season…Angry Birds: Knock on Wood. It has successfully made the transition from the virtual world to the physical world through a brand new board game version.

Angry Birds - Knock On Wood GameAges 5 years old and up are now able to have the thrilling experience of being able to engage in this ongoing battle between the birds and the pigs that will stop at nothing to steal their eggs. But not to worry, the birds are angry and will do what they can to take care of the pigs and get their eggs back.

Players are provided with an assortment of Angry Birds and Pigs that battle each other over the birds’ eggs that the pigs seem to feel belong to them (those swine!). The pigs’ wooden castles are built according to the instructions on the cards using any of the 14 building blocks. This is accomplished by simply drawing a card and handing it to the player next in line. That player will build the castle based on what the card shows. Once the castle is completed, you’ll use the Bird Launcher to fire the specified birds stated on the Mission card at the castle to bring it down.

All of the excitement and challenges from the app version of this game are now brought to you in person, allowing the players to actually build the wooden castles of those egg-stealing pigs with their hands as well as launching those angry birds to bring them down. When the castles are brought to the ground, the player goes to the next level. The never ending excitement and anticipation keeps this game at the top of the list of favorites.

The Angry Birds game is best played with 2 to 4 players that encourages creative thinking as well as hand eye coordination with the constructing of the pigs’ castles, and aiming accuracy with the bird launcher. There’s even more fun to be had when the 4th level Mission cards come into play because they allow freestyle building of the castles along with the birds that are used during special launches. Each time that a castle is taken down, points are awarded. Whichever player reaches 100 points first is the winner of the game.

This is a game that lets you sit down with your children and have some great quality time together building castles, knocking them down and protecting the eggs of the birds from the pigs that would steal them. With all of the various possibilities of playing, Angry Birds: Knock on Wood will have you, your family and friends entertained for hours at a time.

When you add it all up, it’s easy to see why Angry Birds: Knock on Wood is one of the hottest games for this holiday season. If you are lucky you will be able to find it in a store, or you can save yourself some stress and purchase it online.

Angry Birds - Knock On Wood Game

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